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The future of education is highly linked with technological advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Coding. AI is rightly termed as the skill of the century; many even regard it as — literacy of the digital era. It has become part and parcel of every human and has made the world a smaller place.

FutoLearn — AI & Coding Program

AI is intricately knit with how the world functions. It’s proven beyond doubt that Artificial Intelligence will dominate all sectors and become the core of the fourth industrial revolution.

With this said, many still struggle to understand the concept of AI. They feel it is a complex technology and beyond many peoples’ understanding, but this is not true. The technology can be broken down or simplified to teach even a primary school student. What makes the technology so powerful is its scalability and its ability to match human intelligence and perhaps supersede it in the coming years. It offers solutions for simple daily life issues or complex problems faced by people worldwide.

Anyone, including children who understand this technology’s functioning, can turn from a consumer to a creator.

Because of this immense power, Artificial Intelligence must be handled with caution and a lot of responsibility. This is why we need to educate our upcoming generation from their roots. They need to respect the advancement in technology and use it for a good cause. Not only that, it will help them in their overall development and equip them to participate actively in this technology-driven, fast-paced world.

But how do we teach Artificial Intelligence and Coding concept to children? It should be done systematically in three simple steps; explain the concept, relate it with real-life application examples and finally offer fun resources for them to experiment and explore this technology.

The most obvious method to introduce them to AI would be in the form of games and puzzles to keep them engaged. We have to bring in a new curriculum with loads of interactive activities that help them understand algorithms and how an AI model can be built, tested and remodeled until it reaches the expected efficacy level.

Once they understand the concept, they can have fun by exploring the technology’s ability to process human language and respond, understanding what it sees and hears and offering feasible solutions to solve problems.

For instance, FutoLearn EdTech Pvt. Ltd. is one such educational technology company that has introduced AI and Coding Program whose syllabus can be easily integrated with any school’s curriculum. They have also introduced engaging AI activities, pictograhic represented AI digital books and child-friendly editors that students can read, understand and experiment with. The Director of the company, Mr. Sivakarthikeyan Velayutham, believes that by introducing AI to children as young as 13 years, we empower them to shape the world they want to live in and create more significant opportunities for them. By starting early, we allow them to learn the technology at their own pace and move comfortably to an advanced level.

Even parents are now excited and enthusiastic about educating children in upcoming technologies. They feel it helps kindle their child’s creativity and direct their restlessness and energy into experimenting and creating something new. It unconsciously teaches children to have patience, manage stress and develop strategies/systematic approaches to solve a problem. It tunes their mindset to think like a scientist, a researcher or a creator.

AI teaches that every idea matters. If children understand this, it will encourage them to continue learning. It will give them a sense of purpose and they will look at themselves as a significant contributor to the community.

FutoLearn AI & Coding Program

FutoLearn Introduces AI to children at an early age to unlock creativity, enhance productivity, identify new possibilities and accomplish dreams on their terms.